Is there Life on Earth?



Actual representation of the concept of The “I” and “They”


Is it me or them? 

We all have this question emerging from far deep within us at some point in our lives. This heavy-loaded question throws us into a spiral of an endless existential thoughts and ideas that usually leads to adopting one of two views: the “I,” and the “We.”

“Curiosity killed the cat” – James Allan Mair


There’s “I” in Team!

Why do I feel this way? Am I not from this place? Have I travelled through time and lost my time machine keys? Am I a stranger in this place, or this place is strange in this universe? Who and what is the norm?


Guess what? Everyone is and no one is!


Since the beginning of humanity on this planet, there was a continuous reincarnation of the concept of “They” and “I”. Humans progressed by creatively differing from their counterparts. Individuals followed their personal vision to be distinguished. Thus, different. However, is the eagerness to be different differentiates us?


“They” consists of different “I”‘s. Some of those “I”‘s give in to the idea of a unity moving collectively in harmony and peace. Some decide to follow the natural spark to be different and distinguished. Both I’s walk those separate paths. New to them, yet old to time. There is no right or wrong here. There’s only the right mentality at the right time.



So, what are you trying to say?!


Being different is not a good nor bad thing. Similarly, following the heard is no as well. We just have to step outside of the formula and see the chemistry of those elements working together. You need distinguished people to change the heard as much as you need masses to create a distinguished person that derives creative solutions from the desperate situations the “they” live in.


In short, there’s  I in team after all.


The night innocent life became a cookie monster

I may look friendly, but any moment now I am going to bite you in the butt.

Do we control our life?
It’s not so easy to give a simple “yes” or “no” answer. If our answers was simply and quickly yes, then, congratulations. We have ascended to relm of gods. If it was no, then, we need to get help. We are, as the living being with the limited yet has high potential mind, are only capable of controlling few aspects of our life and the rest roams in an bubble of uncertainties and outcomes. 

Hold up! Wait a minute! Fill my cup! Put some liquor in it! – Bruno Mars

We are always encouraged to have a goal! Set targets to achieve to conquer that goal. Todlar goal was to talk. Childhood goal was to fill this tiny brain with the survival skills to go into adulthood. Adulthood goals differs. Now that we have our basic skills, goals varies depending on the orientation that “senior-year” child you were poined toward and told to “run!”.   And damn, we run! We run, fall, roll, dust off then keep running more. That’s where our Iliad starts. 

Run, Forest! Run! – Jenny Curran

Many start on that journey of epic battles. Some battles are won, others are lost. If we win, that’s  one step closer to our goal. If we lose, we learn, pick ourselves up and march on again with more acquired experience. After all, that is what we have been taugh. But, is that what we all need?

what do you mean?!

Well, a number of us walk the same pre-determined trail, just to discover gradually that our true trail is north, while we have been walking south all of our life. Shock! That’s when life reveals its other natural face. Life has been so “Yang”-y so far but when we decide to follow our compass, the “Yin” starts to leak out and form a powerful wave of bites and scratches that we have to endure.  Do we keep puring time and effort into this pre-determined -almost sure and sound- plan, while life keeps aggressively asking for more? Do we turn around and and start our true path while trying to tame the monster trying devour your butt in every step you make?

The sense of Entitlement: the rise and fall of a human being   

an entitled person jumping into an opportunity

This time no long intros for this short thought. Basically, you are not initially  entitled to anything – human connection wise- other than being heard. It all goes up from there but still, it’s not to be expected.  All else are your brain recalling books, movie scenes and life encounters that happened to you or you’ve seen. 

Dear Wo/Man

No, you’re not entitled to be a ruler of all that is and all that will be. No, you not entitled to imprison the person you’re with in a cell of rules and basically go in time to own yourself a slave. No, your not entitled to respect just because you just have / dont have that body part. No you’re not smarter because of your gender. No your not emotionally strong because of your gender. No, you’re just a stupid creature who developed through the extent of your life to be all of the above. 

So why do you demand?

In an age of whom ever can put whatever on the web, we see lots of those entitled creatures roaming around demanding what is so called rights. Yes, again, human-connection wise, you only deserve to be heard. Love, hate, respect… Etc comes later on after being heard. Thus, demanding those “not-so-rights” are not you’re right for demanding. The right to be heared is your only right. Respect or disrespect comes as a result of whatever that comes out of your mouth. Then you can earn it. 

You just have rocked my whole world. What should I do now?

First of all, no I didn’t. This is like me telling you have to turn your wheel right to actually turn right. Just a mere common knowledge. But we decide to ignore it because when we demand what we dont deserve, and actually get it, we tend to be greedey since this is a quick shortcut to getting what we want. Try for once to earn it. 

Ok… What is your point now? I deserve an explanation because you don’t get to make me read all this not understanding anything?

Ok. I heared you. And Yes, I do get to do that. Why? Because you don’t get to “you don’t get to” to me.

What was that?

An example of how a two entitled creatures in the wild argue. 

What did we learn?

You dont get to ask me this question. 

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Sand castles of Life: The Art of Un-presumption 


Never though you’ll be in that position, ha?

Life takes many unexpected turns. You just have to hold tight- and bite if necessary to the closeses thing beside you- and enjoy the ride. How many times have you reminded yourself “This is not what i have been training to do! This is not what I was meant to do!This is not what I was destined to be!” Well, my dear friend – that one person who stumbled upon this blog by mistake and still don’t get what the hell is going on here,-  I’m here to tell you, you’re partially right.

Is this who I truly am?

So you are in doubt whether you have made the right decisions or not. That’s so mainstream!! Let’s take this question and look at it from a different perspective. Were those wrong decisions you have made worth it? Have they clear out the fog to know your right decision? Have they sharpen you enough to have the needed will and power to go after your “right” decision?

I think what am saying is that carefully select some of your loosing battles. Tailor your faliur!

Is this what I truly want?

Not really. You want satisfaction. Now today, you can find satisfaction in playing sports. Tomorrow, you might find it building a sand castle. The key point here that is not walking into the experience with a presumption. Difficult, ha? Here’s a trick. Say you want to travel and you are that type of traveller that looks for micky deez the minute you set foot in that new land. Here, you’re assuming that if you changed your “ways”, you will be unsatsfied – and the whole trip is runined!!!- 

Well, here is another trick -trickception.- Before traveling, watch few traveling shows. See that “fake” joy and satisfaction those host are having. Try to imitate their behaviors. We are, after all, creatures of habit. Or to but it in leman’s terms, fake it until you make it. This face satisfaction will be true later on. 

So what exactly do I want?

To be honest, I am just like you. Wandering from place to place perusing happiness. What I am convinced of, personally, is that once You land on that goal, something will be triggered. And you wont have to go through that process of faking satisfaction. 

What should I do now?

…. Dude… I don’t know. Stop asking questions and… I don’t know… Build a sand castle!

*the title should be a hary potter novel. 

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Lame Changes over 2 years

2014: I’ve  noticed a pattern in my life that has been going for while now. For the last 3 years, I’ve been going through many changes  – including school, attitude, city, status… etc.- that have been, in a way, directing my movement and actions toward life and people. I know it may sound normal, but I’d like to digest it a little.

I’m now 21, and I’ve been to 4 different universities, lived in more than 3 cities and got more than 7 cell phones -not all at once!!. I’ve never sat and thought about it thoroughly  like today. Thus, I don’t understand what the hell is going on now. However, sitting alone at 2 a.m. in the morning might lead you to process it all together – or just sleep it off- and get a glimpse of  what you life is.


Just wonderful! I’ve been thinking for a while that everyone’s life in their best years (18 – 21) must follow one of already-known directions. Every single direction has its focus and goal that it will reach sooner or later. However, looking at my direction, it seems that my direction is toward change itself. It is frightening  most of the time. Also, I know change may sound wonderful but it’s not when it happens on a predictable pase.

For a while now, things – classes, school, relationships.. etc. – have been following the same pase to me. It starts just wonderful, goes normal, turns ugly and then I go for another thing. So basically, nothing in the past 3 years is ever completed. This is kind of devastating in a way. I mean it might not be boring, after all, I got to do too many new and great stuff. But it’s just creepy!

One  example of many in last year, I was one off the biggest coffee junkies the world have ever known. I would seriously drink a cup of coffee just to have the energy to drink another cup of coffee. It was just a big part of my life that I didn’t know what to do if it wasn’t provided daily – one idea I had was to learn how to become a barista.. Glad it didn’t work!. Anyway, suddenly I stopped those doses of coffee once and for all. I’m still puzzled of how I did pull that off.

2016: looking back at the above, the fact still remains on point even after three years. However, this time it’s with job and mundane life events that will throw you off track ultimately. Though it’s distracting and endless, it only made me sure of what I want. Change!

What Would the Green Monkey Do?

This might work too...

I want to call this a “writing come back”. Yet, I had 5 or 6 of those over the last 6 years. There is only one thing that keeps me coming back over and over again….


It is Boredom. So bare with me as I explore the philosophies boredom can bring to life.


Here I am, in my early 20’s, trying to add up all the things I’ve done while every time I pick up the calculator to do the dirty work, I stand still. “What is it that I’ve done all these years?”… “What did I accomplish so far?”… “What should I do now?”.


The answer to all these questions so far is simply… nothing!




Imagine you reach to this conclusion after 20 years you’ve led on this “allegedly” lonely planet. This is crazy! ” Nop, At least I’m alive” I always tell myself. It turned out that being alive isn’t that impressive anymore. It seems 7 billion managed to do that for a while now. Plus, it not a good pick up line – sorry ladies who had to hear that.


So you see, I have a great aspiration for what I should do, an even larger ambitions for what result will come out to be and very little idea of what it is exactly. All I know is that it has something to do with the color green.. and monkeys. I’m pretty sure of that.

So, in conclusion. I don’t want to sound all “Stephen Carney” and tell you to pick up some 7 habits from a book and acclaim successfulness after that. All I am saying is…



Follow the little things….




And always ask… “What would my green monkey do?!”

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The not-so-great Escape

Home, sweet home!

Home, sweet home.. Dear Alkhobar The christmas break is close, which means my escape to home is close as well. Two weeks left to finish school and head back to my beloved city of birth, home, mi casa, tu casa… wait.. no tu casa.

Anyways, these are some little thoughts I have before embarking on that flight and waste a day of life on air, literally!

1. THEY GONNA TOUCH MY JUNK IN THE AIRPORT!!! (update: they didn’t :D)

2. I’m not heavy packer usually, but I hate it when traveling back home in the winter break. I have to pack a big ass jacket for the short trip to and from the airport in the US. I know I’m not going to use back home, where 17 ˚C is considered winter.



4. FIFA 11 Power! Oh Bro, I except your challenge. It’s going to be legen…. wait for it… dary!

5. A serious case of homesick every 2 or 3 hours. Sometimes, it gets TOO emotional.

6. Please, I repeat, PLEASE do not ask me for gifts (Asht3’l 3nd abook!!)

7. Think a lot = Eat a lot.

If you were wondering what goes in the mind of a study-abroad student, here is your answer.

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test shock! + people lie?


No, you can't has cheeseburger!

So, I just woke up from a helluva nap after  taking a thermo exam with a num leg -damn I need the toilet.- This is, I believe, the worst part of taking a test. The-After Effect!

Basically, the-after effect is sort of flash-backs from the exam and/or where you’ve take the “roughest” dumb in that test hall -sounds messy!

In an unrelated news, a study, or should I say a totally sluggish study, it turned out that people tend to lie on social networks – wow! no?!.. really?!!.-

20% said they would feel comfortable lying on facebook or twitter – or World of Warcraft but again.. we said people!- and some would avoid f2f confrontations so they can resort to communicate over those social networks and LIE!

So next time, stalk your target and talk to him face to face!!!

Idea#2: Time Isn’t Running Anymore

Running?!!... Really!!?

Try to run for 3 minutes. What do You feel?.. not tired, right.. Now Try to Run for 60 minutes. What do feel now? little tired, huh!? Now Try to run for 4.54 billion years.. I’m not gonna even ask about your feeling. You can’t imagine the vast distance that could be crossed during that time and the effort you would put in such a run. That’s what “Time”- if we personalize it, which I think is possible- has been feeling lately. And imagine how hard it is for “Time” to run more and more. That’s why “Time” stopped running and, now, the olympic flame had been passed to us, and we are the ones that are doing the running.

Time isn’t running!

Set still for 1 minute! It might be the longest 1 minute you’ve ever spent. Now, sit still for 10 minuets! I’d say 50% of people – a clear guesstimation – would do it, but it’s not as easy as the 1 minute. Now, sit still for an hour! I would dare you, but that would only prove to you what I am trying to say here. Time isn’t running, and you can only sense that if you clear your mind and focus on time itself. Why? Because you are Slowing Down!

You are running!

Why is that when you have less time to do something, you immediately shelter to the only excuse that isn’t suppose to relief  but somehow it does, that is  “Time Is Running?” As I said before, Time used to run. Now, people are running within time.

To simplify, imagine the Timeline you’ve studied way back in elementary or junior high school. You still remember how it works? Events were placed forwardly in accordance with the time they happened and they could not move back and forward along that line which leads the solo-link between the preceding and succeeding event. However, events are linked and incorporated together. So, I like to put events in more flexible line, such as the Distance Line. You can move back (Meomory) , jump ahead (Déjà vu and dreams), start and end within the distance line and that’s more like the interactions between events. You see time isn’t running anymore. On the Contrary, you can run to whatever event you want – without creating that time paradox everyone is talking about.. I KEEL YOU Einstein – and return to the other.

So to you, who thinks that you are waisting your time because Time is Running,

Slow Down!

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